Dependable Air Conditioning Installation Services in Chino Hills

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When you’re experiencing air conditioning problems, Chino Hills residents know they can count on Chino Hills Pro Air Conditioning Service for reliable and experienced central air conditioning installation and repair. Our technicians are the best in the industry with decades of combined experience. Serving all products and brands including Lennox, Rudd, York, Trane, and many more, you can trust that your home’s cooling system installation is in good hands.


Finding a licensed air conditioning contractor who is dependable and great at their job is the key to a seamless installation process. Chino Hills Pro Air Conditioning Service is ready to help you with worry-free AC services today!


Is It Time to Replace Your AC Unit?

AC units are built to last for more than 10 years if the unit is maintained regularly. If your AC unit is 10-15 years old, and it is experiencing a multitude of problems, you may need to consider replacing the unit. Signs that an AC unit may need replacement include:


  • Excessively noisy units
  • Frequent dust build-up
  • Increased humidity
  • Inconsistent cooling


Making the decision to replace an AC unit can be hard. Our certified air conditioning contractors can help you decide if replacement is the best option for you.


How to Choose a New Air Conditioner

Homeowners have two options when purchasing AC units: central air conditioning or room air conditioners. Most people opt to install central air conditioning units because of the following benefits:


  • Easy to operate
  • Quiet operation
  • Convenience
  • Long-lasting
  • Out of sight


On average, 2,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity are used per year. To reduce the amount of energy used and carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide produced we recommend that homeowners purchase old, ineffective air conditioning units with energy-efficient units.


What Qualifies as a High-Efficiency Model?

All central air conditioning units are rated using the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). This ratio specifies the relative amount of energy necessary to meet specific cooling outputs. The magic SEER number is 13. This is the minimum SEER rating for an air conditioning to qualify as energy efficient. For optimal savings, look for a high SEER rating. Like other household appliances, energy-efficient AC units can carry the ENERGY STAR® label. Use this identification as a starting point for finding the most efficient AC unit in your budget.


Do I need to replace my air conditioner if it doesn’t meet SEER rating requirements?


SEER rating requirements are for all units manufactured after January 26, 2006. If you have a home with an older AC unit that still works well, you do not have to replace the unit. This requirement is for AC unit manufacturers. When it does come time to replace your AC unit, enough years have passed that all units on the market now should follow current regulations. Also, replacement parts should still be available for older AC units that do not require replacement.


Can’t I just replace my outdoor compressor?


Some homeowners may opt to replace their unit’s outdoor compressor. Doing this can improve the efficiency of your cooling system. However, it’s important that the new compressor is matched with your indoor AC unit. While it may cost less to replace only the outside component, due to varying air conditioning designs and refrigerant requirements, it may be better just to replace the A/C unit.

Other Air Conditioning Replacement Considerations

In addition to SEER ratings, there are other feature you’ll want to consider when installing a new central air conditioning unit. These include the following:

  • When temperatures soar, make sure the unit has a high-temperature rating (EER) and a thermal expansion valve of 11.6 or higher.
  • New ventilation systems work best with a variable speed air handler.
  • Does the unit have a fan-only switch? This is a great feature for nighttime ventilation to greatly reduce air conditioning costs.
  • Quiet operation is always a plus.
  • Some units are equipped with a “check filter” light that comes on after so many hours of operation. If need reminders to change the filter, this is a great feature.
  • Consider units with an automatic delay fan switch. This feature keeps the fan running for a few minutes after the compressor shuts off.

Also, don’t forget the size of the AC unit. Purchasing a unit that is too big for your home can be counterproductive in terms of energy-efficiency. Likewise, too small of a unit will make it difficult to keep the temperature at a comfortable temperature. At Chino Hills Pro Air Conditioning Service our licensed air conditioning contractors can help you select a new air conditioner that will work for the size of your home and its existing ductwork.

Types of Central Air Conditioning Units to Install

HVAC systems are available in one of 3 designs: split systems, packaged units, and heat pumps. Let’s look at the differences between these three types of residential HVAC systems.

Split Systems

This HVAC system has the following components:

  • Outside air conditioning condenser
  • Evaporator coil
  • Furnace
  • Air duct system

In the simplest terms, this type of central HVAC system compresses the refrigerant inside the outside condenser. It is then transformed from gas to a liquid state and moved to the evaporator coil. When air passes over the coil it is cooled and then sucked in by the furnace. The air is then pushed through the air duct system cooling the rooms as the air is expelled.

Split systems are quite common in modern-day homes.

Packaged Unit

Unlike the split system, both the heating and cooling elements are one piece of equipment. Packaged units are almost always located on rooftops and uses natural gas and electricity. Typically, these kinds of unit are used in manufactured homes.

Heat Pump System

This HVAC unit uses only electricity. It cools and heats using the system’s refrigerant through reversing valves that are sent to the air handler. The air handler moves air into the duct system with a blower motor. Homes with heat pump system are also equipped with a heat pump condenser that may be located on a home’s roof, side, or back.

Professional Central Air Conditioning Installation and AC Repair Services

At Chino Hills Pro Air Conditioning Service, our #1 priority is to provide reliable AC services to our customers. If you’re considering replacing an old AC unit, our licensed, bonded, and insured contractors can help you select the best unit for your cooling needs and budget. Give us a call at [phone number] for local ac repair and installation.



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